The Nearing

High school is almost complete. I am a senior, prepared to graduate in approximately three months, but not before AP and IB testing. I have spent too long with the same people (some of my fellow seniors have been with me since second or third grade), and I am more than ready to leave it all behind.

All my life I’ve felt stuck. When I was a young child, I felt stuck in my small town (how ironic it is now that I long to return), when I was in middle school, I felt stuck with my lack of friends and nowhere to run, and now, in high school, I’m still stuck with no friends and still headed towards being stuck again. The college I am attending is the same one as my older brother, who also attended the same high school. Living in his shadow hasn’t been good for me, but it is still like a sort of security blanket. Although I feel trapped where I am, I still fear change. What a perfect combination. In any case, I’m on track to slipping underneath his shadow once again. I just hope that college life is broad enough to lend me some semblance of anonymity.

The day I graduate creeps ever closer, and I long to be standing in the back of the center where it is held every year in my cap and gown, diploma in hand, smiling and almost laughing at those who are dispensing hugs and tearful goodbyes. That’s how it was the last time I left a school, and seeing it from where I stand, it is funny. Years from now, most of these people will be a passing memory. A FaceBook friend you’d forgotten about for a while now and decided to catch up with on a whim. No one important. All of the high school relationships seem frivolous and paltry. I ask myself why these people seem to care so much. Why does this school matter? Why do these people matter? We’re all moving on in a physical sense, and it only makes sense to me to move on mentally as well. Leave it all behind. At least for me.


A Discreet Introduction


I go by Makkel. Why that name? It doesn’t take a genius to know that this is not my real name. However, it has a nice ring to it. Note: the pronunciation is as such: “Mac” (as in an Apple computer) – “kell” (as in… the k- sound, and then the pronunciation of the letter “L”). I have had much confusion regarding the pronunciation, and would not like to repeat that confusion.

I suppose I should detail what this blog shall entail. Its main focus will be, quite simply, my rather unobtrusive and inconsequential life, which includes but is not limited to my interests in writing, art, politics, philosophy, and other things. You may see snippets of my writing, sketches, discourses on various subjects, and my opinions on current events (often political in nature). If you are blatantly opposed to slightly right-leaning libertarianism, I suggest you take a read of my political insights, and keep them in mind. If you are not, do the same anyways. My philosophy of life is rather obvious – it primarily follows that of Ayn Rand’s objectivist attitudes, as in the title of this blog.

My writings are mostly science fiction in nature, but may deviate from that, depending on what I find interesting. I often have several projects occurring simultaneously, as I do now. You may also find some brief essays on various topics, including a few nostalgic ones.

I am no professional artist, but I do dabble in most every medium. Most common are simple pencil sketches or doodles, but I do foray into digital art when I have the time.

If you are at all interested in any of my own interests, please, go ahead and follow this blog. If not, that is of no consequence either. Until next time, dear reader.